buy land in crete, build a villa, save a fortune
Buy land, for an investment on firmer ground.

WeŽ ve all learned lessons from the recent financial crisis. Markets can easily crash, funds collapse . . . and money built up over many years disappear overnight. So now more than ever,you need an investment that is real, solid and durable. An investment of intrinsic worth that will always be desirable. Land is all of these things, and time and time again has proved to be the wisest way to bring a return in the future.

Land with watertight ownership, full building permission and very real potential

Cretan Life offers land for sale. Most importantly, this is land with full and thoroughly verified legal ownership - and all the paperwork to prove that building permission has been granted for every plot we sell. So we are not just offering tracts of ground but plots with very real development potential in some of Crete s most desirable locations. Cretan Life offers you a very serious business proposition and will provide a consultation about your investment prospects without cost or obligation.

Crete, an investment of great interest

Along with wonderful financial potential, Crete has a fascinating story to tell. Over four thousand years ago the island was the centre of the Minoan culture, which was the cradle of the Greek civilisation which eventually became Europe s greatest heritage. In fact, mythology tells us that Zeus himself grew up on the island. What is certainly true is that Arabs, Venetians and Turks have all at one time ruled over the island, and left their distinctive historical mark. With 310 days of sunshine a year, Crete can also claim the longest gorge, the longest lifespan, one of the longest Blue Flag beaches in Europe . . . and probably the best olive oil in the world.