buy land in crete, build a villa, save a fortune

Welcome to Cretan Life . . .
specialists in the sourcing, securing and selling of land in Crete

Cretan Life is a well-established company with offices in Crete and the UK. Founded in 2006, we have long and reassuring experience in meeting the expectations of clients who are seeking an investment opportunity free from any present or future complications. We are not agents or developers, but specialise in sourcing and purchasing land in desirable locations that meets our stringent criteria with regard to legal ownership and development potential. Our reputation is central to all our activities and we are committed to the principles of integrity and transparency – and we are fiercely protective of our clients’ best interests at all times. We are always aware that making an investment in land is a significant step and are committed to ensuring that this can be done with complete confidence.

Cretan Life now brings you a brilliant investment opportunity, by offering an extensive portfolio of land plots with planning permission for purchase in the beautiful North West region of Crete. All are within 35 minutes drive of an airport, and only a short walk or drive from beautiful beaches and stunning countryside. At a time of worldwide economic uncertainty, when other financial options are falling in value or giving disappointing performance, this is a literally solid investment.

Why buying land in Crete is such an attractive proposition

Land has always been recognised as a good investment. It is a finite resource, and unlike bonds and shares it has a physical and tangible reality. Land in Crete is particularly attractive for many reasons. The island enjoys the stability of EU membership, making it a safer proposition than some of the former Eastern Bloc countries. Most importantly, the market in Crete is in the relatively early stages of development which means there is excellent potential for growth - unlike oversubscribed areas of Europe where prices are much higher. Cretan Life can help you explore and benefit from the possibilities with a totally professional service.